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D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer

The Venturi Effect is a novel recommended for thriller readers who like both courtroom procedurals and travel adventures. It reaches both audiences with the story of Devlin Winters, who seeks respite from her professional meltdown, but instead finds the sailboat she is on brings her full circle into court affairs in a foreign country.


Author Sage Webb practiced criminal law defense for over a decade before writing several novels. Her background in legal processes and the atmosphere of the legal community lends an aura of authenticity that will resonate with any reader familiar with this environment as Devlin struggles with personal and professional challenges in her life.


From investigations into shell companies that operate on St. Kitts and government agent Xavier Charles' search for the truth over an indictment to Devlin's increasing involvement and confrontations even at sea on a sailboat, Sage Webb weaves a fine story that moves from dialogue to open waters and courtrooms with equal aplomb . . . . 

From client interactions with agents and investigative processes to Devlin's interactions with Nils Bryson, a flame reignited after 7 years of absence, the intrigue, romance, and changing personal and professional relationships that stem from an evolving investigation into danger create a fast-paced story that is powered by both career and life decisions.


The Venturi Effect's blend of corporate intrigue, criminal activity, and personal recovery and revelations creates a compelling story that is simply hard to put down. It's unexpected right up to the end, making it a highly recommended pick for legal thriller, romance, and women's fiction readers alike.

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