She spent over a decade as a criminal-defense attorney in federal courts, and a lot of her writing reflects that background.

She and her husband live on a fifty-year-old wooden trawler with a ship's cat named Ines and Jackson, the boat dog.

She's won several literary awards.

She believes the Gulf Coast has the best summer nights.


The Unremarkable Circumstances of Inmate 17656-090 tells a pretty sad story: the hero suffered unspeakable childhood abuse and self-medicates with alcohol and by looking at pictures of abused kids, which help him make sense of what he faced.

He moves to Kemah from Michigan to escape this past and meets two adventurers living on a sailboat in one of the marinas. With them, he creates the family he never had, but it all comes crashing down when the cops discover child pornography on one of the his old laptops.

Sage Webb, Galveston Bay author, debuts with The Unremarkable Circumstances of Inmate 17656-090, which takes a young man from an abused childhood in Michigan to a single year of happiness in Kemah.

"Webb's novel will break your heart as it draws you into the struggles and pain of a kid who just wanted a chance and ended up with a conviction for a crime that seems unforgivable and inexplicable . . . until the past crawls out of the darkness to 'explain' the charges and, possibly, give a reason to forgive the young defendant. It's a book that reminds readers there are no easy answers. 

With Webb's light touch and a deep sense of humanity, this story of justice, sin, betrayal, and redemption is many things, not one of which is 'unremarkable.'"

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