Zugunruhe, COVID, and a Whole Lotta Camping and Boating and Reading

Liz on here likes birding. She claims she doesn’t qualify as a birder. And maybe she doesn’t. I don’t know. But she likes birds, birding, and birding books. (She’s reading Neil Hayward’s Lost Among the Birds and, though it’s not from an independent press, promises some thoughts on it soon, with an eye toward bird-book comparisons.) Anyway, she taught me the word zugunruhe. It refers to the restlessness exhibited in migratory creatures at the start of the migration season.

I’m experiencing zugunruhe. Having finished Summer Roadtrip + Artist Residency 2020, I’m ready for Fall Migration. It won’t start with Dinosaur Valley State Park, though, as we’d initially planned. With COVID and all the 2020-ness of 2020, I think the entire USA has taken to the road in RVs and descended on Texas state parks. Even the campgrounds with hundreds of spots (like Cedar Hill near Dallas) are filling up. (Really, it seems it’s not just RVs. Our boat-broker friends can’t keep boats on the broker docks—boats are selling fast!).

So we’ve seen our plans shift a little. Next week will launch us to College Station, Cedar Hill, and Fort Worth. After that, we will be sailing and anchoring out and enjoying the cooler weather. We’ve got other things tentatively planned, but it all depends on COVID and “social conditions” and what’s available.

Meanwhile, like boats and RVs, COVID seems to have made books a hot commodity. And while we are SO behind posting here because of numerous professional commitments, we have tons of book thoughts to share very soon!

(You have to luv Texas, where you can regularly find signs like this one.)

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