Wisconsin, Wee Ones, and Wielding New Reads

No April Fool’s jokes today. (It was still April 1 when I prepared this post!) I thought about trying to do something, but the day flew by. It’s the kids! (My friend’s baby arrived, and everyone is back home, including the brothers of the girls I was watching; these little guys had been with their grandparents. I’m staying on for a few days yet to lend a hand while Mom and Dad settle back in.) All these little angels make time whirl ... they make everything whirl ... they whirl. With Easter nearing, today involved grocery shopping and securing treats for an Easter feast. You know you’re in Wisconsin when such treats involve:

The day also involved planning an archery outing for Saturday. I’m excited about taking the kids to shoot a little. In the past, I’ve enjoyed taking everyone to a nearby range to use their bows, and I’m hoping for some good times in that realm this weekend. In the book arena, the kids’ dad took us to a very cool local bookstore this afternoon (Mystery to Me on Monroe Street in Madison), and everyone got a book. While my selection may not appear as bright and cheerful as one little guy’s graphic novel or as the petite princess’s choice of a picture book about a girl codebreaker, I’m thinking it’s going to be a cool read:

Sure, I buy too many books. I know that. I think I’ve posted before about The Bosun’s accusations that my book stash makes the boat list [lean] to port [the left]. Books bring smiles, though. So I can’t help it.

Plus it’s the week leading up to Easter. Things feel so springtime-hopeful. A wee treat at a neat local bookstore never hurt anyone, right?

Around lunchtime, I did get a chance to take a walk. The temperature has dropped into the 30s and it’s been breezy, but I was bundled up and the sun was out ... and very little beats the Midwest on a clear, sunny, spring day. The trees haven’t put on their leafy best yet, and snow piles are still hiding here and there. But there’s this reified quality to days like today was: this clarity made tangible in the slightly muddy path, and in the leaves decaying over the tree roots, and in the absolute blue of the sky. Okay, never mind. That all sounds silly. But it was a day dense with color. Or maybe a day distilled to a silver breeze and a brown park and a turquoise sky.

Or maybe just a day of happy kids bickering over tee-ball, begging for jelly beans and honey-crisp apples, and getting new books as early treats for celebration of an old, old holiday.

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