Wisconsin: “Boat” Chores and Bows

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

So I figured out water and sewer and pumping out. The Pryde will sail on, cleaned and refreshed. And I’ll sail in her, refreshed myself after an awesome archery session at Buck Rub Outfitters in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Buck Rub looks like a north-woods cabin and features a pretty darn cool indoor 3-D range (basically, a series of foam-animal and “regular” targets, for shots up to 40 yards, to simulate a forest—with a pond and everything) and very friendly staff.... Because in the pile of gear Libby holds, one can find scuba equipment, the infamous inflatable star for floating on bodies of water, and my old Olympic-style recurve bow.

Zen in the Art of Archery, anyone? Eugene Herrigel’s 1948 work on philosophy and Japanese Kyudo archery.... As a kid, I shot a lot, and I still fall back on the sport for fun and meditation. And after a week of driving, those adventures through America’s breadbasket, and that little almost-heartbreak over pumping out in Madison, I was ready for some arrow flinging.

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