Welcome to Books, Boats, & Boondoggles!

So we at Read Local (R) have so much we want to discuss with you! And not enough time to get it all out: reviews of books we love, discussions of places we want to explore, thoughts on the way books take us places (helping scratch itchy feet in this time of COVID-19 and with the limits of life right now). . . .

We want to hear from you and trade ideas.

So we thought a blog would be a good way to go with this site right now. We have a ton to catch up on, and we'll post more reviews, a discussion of our rating system, news of some upcoming events, and other goodies ASAP. Launching the blog now, though, jump starts us.

Why Books, Boats, & Boondoggles? Well, again, whether we're armchair adventurers or road warriors, books can and do take us places. Places we love, places we dream of, places in the past/future/our dreams. . . . Coming up, we at Read Local (R) have reviews to post focused on regions (North Carolina and Texas) and avocations (horses, art). Through the independent-press books we've been enjoying, we've gotten to explore Galveston and Roanoke Islands---past and present. We've gotten to go to Paris and Mongolia . . . at the roughly $15 cost of a couple great reads.

Perhaps that is one of my favorite aspects of reading: it can take us all places, regardless of budget, obligations, constraints. Reading also helps me prepare when I'm actually bound somewhere. Sage will be on here posting soon to share her adventures on the road as she heads from Tucson to Texas to Michigan's Mackinac Island in an RV (Tucson to Houston) and a trailer (Houston to Michigan) to be a Mackinac State Historic Parks Artist in Residence in August. I know she's been reading up on a few areas in anticipation of the trip, especially Northern Michigan (of course!). Books situate us for our journeys.

We also just plain enjoy adventures and sharing with other adventures (whether armchair or actual). Sage, Leo, and I all live full time on boats. We've all done a lot of RV-ing (Sage has lived full time in an RV). Sage and I and Leo dive, and Leo flies. Red rides horses! Red and Sage have lived outside the U.S. Some of our favorite social-media feeds are those of people who enjoy exploring this awesome little island in space. So we hope this blog will provide a fun way to continue the conversation in all these areas: books, boats, and byways.

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