Two Weeks So Far Without a Lot of Things ... and With Some Great Stories

I’m going into my last week on Mackinac. I can say that Constance Fenimore Woolson’s stories are beautiful. If you like lovely short stories, history, artistry, she’s worth a look!

I can also say that I miss not at all cars or TV. My favorite time to “circumnavigate” the island is dusk. And getting involved in the “life of the island” (free concerts in the park, art events, free movies at the fort and at Mission Point Resort) has been special. I’ve enjoyed some of the best food I’ve had! Jamaican at Kingston Kitchen. A splendid dinner at the Iroquois.

Yesterday, I blew up my trusty starfish pool floaty and floated around in the lake for half an hour. Cold ... yes. But just lake and sky and the ringing of a navigational buoy. Count me happy ... so, so happy.

While I know leaving at the end of the week will be tough, I can also say I’m ready to head south ... toward The Bosun and Boat Dog and Captain Kitty. Toward the boat and the next horizon. Toward seeing my first short-story collection go live (publication is just a hair behind!). Toward my birthday—yikes!

And toward really digging into the story collection that will come from this residency. It’s off to a great start, but the real work will come when I settle down and pull it all together.

Balancing work-work, writing, and adventuring up here has presented a challenge or two, but it’s been completely worth it. A few more adventures await yet on the road as well. And this week on the island isn’t over yet either!

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