The RV’s Stairs Malfunction ... Just Like My Archery Abilities

The RV has a set of stairs that slide down automatically when one opens the cabin door to step inside the motorhome. A little magnetic device makes the steps work: when one opens the door to enter the cabin, the magnet switches the steps on and they drop down. The mechanism prevents the stairs from coming to an untimely and tragic end should a wayward driver fail to secure them in the “up” position before driving off. Essentially, the magnet takes care of them, pulling the steps up automatically before the rig gets driven off.

In camp, though, a switch in the galley allows a person to disconnect the magnet mechanism until the key is put in the RV’s ignition. So normally, the stairs don’t go up-down, up-down every time the door opens and closes when one has parked their rolling home and settled in.


For some reason (mysterious, indeed), this helpful little galley switch’s electrical powers took a leave of absence Friday night after we made camp at the very lovely Northlake RV Resort (excellent amenities, friendly staff, great location in Spring, Texas). For reasons unknown, the stairs marched up and down with every move of the door ... until they finally didn’t and settled back down in regular, quiet working order.

Oddly, my archery powers took a similar unsanctioned leave. Despite having put up a couple happy scores at two recent local tournaments, despite two first-place finishes to my name at these tournaments, despite feeling quite excited about my rediscovered archery prospects, everything went to pot this weekend, and my shots, like the stairs, went up and down of their own volition and contrary to proper working order.


I was happy simply to get through this tournament. I lost. By one point. Oh, well. I got the bad juju out of my system. This coming weekend, I shall shoot much better. (And the RV’s stairs have returned to performing properly.)

(Otherwise, this shakedown cruise with the “dinghy” towing gear went swimmingly. Unlike the steps and myself, the towing rig performed perfectly.)

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