The Marina “Evacuates” for Tropical Storm Beta ... and We Start Catching Up on Book Stuff

It’s drizzling right now. Soft, light drizzle. Like one of those super-soft autumn snows I don’t miss from up north. It seems like Tropical Storm Beta has blown herself out for now. The sun is poking around, like she might want to come back. And all the rain has kept me on the boat, giving me a chance to grind out a lot of work-work ... and start catching up on my share of Read Local to-do’s.

The storm has raised water levels a lot. A snowy egret sat surveying the high levels when Boat Dog and I ventured out this morning. Because of the anticipated flooding, marina staff evacuated the laundry equipment to higher ground yesterday. Somehow, that just makes me giggle. A good idea, no doubt. But I can’t help but imagine washing machines clad in raincoats scrambling to the equipment shed up the hill.

Now as the gusty winds and soaking showers appear to have passed (at least for a little while), people are returning to the marina to check on their babies. Guys in bright foul-weather gear greet me (and Boat Dog). We chuckle about the storm—because really, she ended up mostly washing things clean and giving the liveaboards a bit of “adventure” and cradle rocking and that’s it. (Though I know better than to speak too soon, too. More may come.) It’s nice when it turns out uneventful, though. The Bosun, like so many others, had his boat tossed into a parking lot during Hurricane Ike. (No! He wasn’t aboard!) During Harvey, my car flooded. So Beta can do all the raining and 40-to-60-knot blowing about that she wants. That’s okay! Just let’s not have more than that.

Bad weather that isn’t catastrophic just means fewer distractions, so I can be more productive. Unlike Boat Dog.

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