The Bosun Returns‼️

The Bosun has returned to his land ship! RV Dog and I are overjoyed! Yankton, South Dakota, has put on her best spring weather. The world feels bright indeed. (And we’ve reprovisioned. The pantry is overstuffed.)

In celebration of The Bosun’s triumphant homecoming (because home is where you hang your dog’s harness), I played hooky from work stuff for a minute today and showed The Bosun the field-archery course behind the campground. Being The Bosun, though, he allowed very little tomfoolery and went right to work fixing the water pump. We almost have running water again. Just on our way to the hardware store right now to purchase one last part.

Having immersed myself in the quiet of the Great Plains for so many weeks, and having enjoyed a bit of an archery bubble while I was at it, I wanted to continue this wilderness-wildness-archery theme and extend my immersion a bit longer. So I dug into Fred Bear’s biography. (Born in 1902, Bear pioneered modern archery in America, writing, making early films, and producing equipment.) About a quarter through the book now, I am smiling because the story features so much of my once-home Mitten State, with lots of Michigan adventures recounted. (Bear explored the Upper Peninsula, waited for a ferry to take him across the Straits of Mackinac before they built the bridge from Lower to Upper Michigan, weathered the Depression in Detroit, and camped in places I’ve camped.) So that’s kinda fun.

I want to write more. I want to tell you an entertaining anecdote about a wander in the woods, about RV Dog making some fabulous discovery, about laughing at some mishap. But the only thing on my mind, the only thing my little head has room for at this moment is my wonderful Bosun’s arrival.

The crew is whole again.


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