The Bosun, Dairy Queen, and a Book All Come to the Rescue

Heading south from East Texas, my trusty tow vehicle started burping, groaning, and complaining. She wouldn’t get up much past 30 mph, despite high RPMs. The little Jeep Liberty had dropped into “limp mode,” and all the usual “fixes” failed to work to pull it out of its mechanized funk.

The Bosun was already on his way south in the Class A with Boat Dog. I called him and told him I’d be WAY behind him in arriving. Well, he wouldn’t hear of me literally limping home, of course, so I pulled into a Dairy Queen and got a Blizzard while he turned around to find me and see what he could do to get the Liberty moving along again. A little ice cream + a new book to read ... and being stranded wasn’t so bad.

When the Bosun arrived, Boat Dog jumped into the Liberty to cuddle and the Bosun jumped beneath the hood and then the chassis to fix everything up. Soon enough, a test drive showed the Liberty was good as new and we hit the road, this time with Boat Dog riding shotgun with me and the Bosun convoying behind.

So now we are all back in the Galveston Bay Area, and I’m feeling a bit flat after all that adventuring, though the scent of salt water has held some of that melancholy at bay. Now it’s reorganizing time: cleaning out the Pryde to take her to the sale lot; stowing the Class A for a while; and getting things moved back aboard the boat. Plus a whole lot of work that needs attention.... But new adventures sit at the ready, so I won’t feel dispirited for long.

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