The Books—or Repairs—That Make a Home a Home

The Pryde now sits at the sale lot, and the Bosun has been griping at me because our boat supposedly lists to port (you know, leans way over to the left) because of all the books aboard her. With my return, the bookshelves have seen a restocking. I’ve added books acquired during my roadtripping and books I’d ordered to read for Read Local here. I need to sort out the books I’ve finished and decide what goes into storage and what can go on the marina’s book-swap shelves.

While I don’t blame our little home’s list on books (let’s talk about the placement of water tanks), I admit I’ve stowed a lot of books aboard. Not enough to circumnavigate on but certainly enough for a Gulf crossing. But books mean home to me. We started provisioning Traveler, the Class A RV, the other day, when I shifted all the Pryde’s supplies and equipment to the bigger unit ... and in went half a dozen books (the Bosun then claimed Traveler had developed a list; come on!).

(The Pryde is cleaned out and ready to meet new adventurers!)

To the Bosun, a place gets homey when he has messed with and updated all the equipment, all the spare gear is in perfect working order, the cabin smells fresh, and cold beers sit in the reefer. For me, I need books. So we will be climbing on Traveler’s roof to update vent cowling Saturday (for him) and, yes, I’ll probably sneak a few more reads aboard (for me).

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