Sailing Local

This past weekend, we anchored out in the boat in an anchorage quite close to home. And it was perfectly lovely. Yes, I spent some time engaged in work-work, but I also got to sit in the cockpit and listen to the boats around us sighing in a night sprinkled with masthead lights.

Dragonflies, morning mist, and silence were insulating the world when we woke up. We took the dinghy to shore for Boat Dog and then we jetted around a bit just for the fun of it. In the afternoon, we upped anchor, pulled out the two headsails, and lazed our way back to the marina.

All this and we basically didn’t have to leave home!

Many people come to sailing with dreams of far-flung islands and foreign shores. They buy and outfit large boats. They make elaborate plans. And then they don’t go, or they head out of the bay and down the intracoastal waterway ... and their boat ends up on a broker dock two months later. I’m not judging. I’ve seen people call it quits for lots of reasons (including getting wrecked on rocks soon after heading out). And I’ve got some grand dreams of my own for “epic” journeys. To each their own. Truly. All I’m saying is the Bosun and I have, lately, found a little joy in keeping it simple close to home. Same with RVing. We truly believe one could have years of stellar RV adventuring and never leave Texas. Good things can (at least for us, at least right now) come in simple, close-to-home packages. (And those more wide-ranging adventures aren’t selling out. They are still there for when the time comes!)

My book selections for the last few years have tended toward small and a little more home-grown. My camping preferences right now tend toward state parks and quirky Harvest Host stops. And my sailing ... well, anything that involves a night on the hook is good by me, even if the anchorage lies within sight of the channel home.

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