Ready to Turn “Grown” in East Texas

So the Pryde has carried me back to Texas, and I will celebrate my 40th loop around the sun by exploring East Texas, namely the Caddo Lake region. Brief sleeps at parking spots along the roads of America’s heartland have gotten me south, and now I’m Harvest Hosting it again until the Bosun joins me at an East Texas RV park in the new Class A—his and hers RVs ... at least for a little while. He’ll bring Boat Dog up and a SUP board, and we will feast with old sailing friends who now live in the area. I can’t think of a better way to turn 40.


It feels weird.

I guess I’m “grown” now. Oh, well.

For reading, I have finished Sir Alec Rose’s account of his circumnavigation, and I’m into his wife’s and others’ accounts related to the adventure. The “purity” of Sir Alec’s undertaking really comes across: he planned and financed the trip; he didn’t try to be “first” or “fastest” anything; he wasn’t even trying to “find himself”; he sailed alone around the world because he wanted to sail alone around the world. Maybe it’s looking at 40, but I want that. I’ve spent a goodly amount of time “chasing trophies” in my life. Like looking for an award for things. An excuse to pursue an endeavor. Something in me now wants to chase whatever I want to chase ... for whatever silly reason. Sail here, RV there, ride a jetski over there.... Whatever it may be. For no “good” reason. Just because. We’ll see.

(My Harvest Hosts stop at the Texarkana Golf Ranch gave me an evening of walking local nature trails ... and avoiding mosquitos while marveling at lightning bugs.)

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