My Larder Shows Signs of Lack, But Your Ebook Shelves Need Not: Venturi Effect Ebook Free Thru 3/17

The Bosun returns to me, RV Dog, and Traveler this week. Then we will all head south. The freeze fallout in Texas lingers (water systems take a while to fix), but heck, I’m grateful for a bucket here. Plus The Bosun will fix up Traveler’s water pump, and we will be good as new. (We may stay in her for a while once we get home.)

The Bosun’s return also eases my worries about a 30-minute to hour-long wait for an Uber/Lyft (they don’t seem popular up here) or of the presumption of trying to bum a ride with a college girl I’ve somewhat come to befriend. Without his imminent arrival, I would face these transportation issues in an effort to go to the grocery store—because my little pantry looks kinda sad at this point. Yes, we’ve come to the point in our story where I’m out of almost everything. And I’m making instant oatmeal with sparkling grape juice heated in the microwave because I don’t feel like going out in the snow to get water. (N.B.: the oats are actually pretty delicious this way.) I’ve consumed something like sixteen servings of reconstituted potato soup. And horror of horrors! I’m down to my last few chocolate truffles (I think I’m even out of the coconut ones). My Epicurean boat friends from the dock back home would likely mutter and shake their heads and wonder how a once, at least partially, civilized person reaches such a state of depravity.

But fear not! Help lies just over the horizon in the form of The Bosun’s return. I have a last packet of fettuccini alfredo and a carton of tomato soup to pull me across the finish line. Outside, the snow has returned (RV Dog has expressed his resentment). Inside, it’s really hard to keep an RV floor clean when it’s snowy, slushy, and muddy out ... and a dog holds court.

I’m shooting a lot! A 30 mph headwind and hail will not stop me from walking to the lonely archery lane and flinging some arrows in solitude. I’m also reading a lot, working, and writing—because when you have far fewer companions, a dog who wants nothing to do with the disagreeable weather conditions, no TV, and wonky WIFI, you can enjoy a lot of great chapters.

(Looking for a new read? Just FYI: The Venturi Effect is free as an ebook now through tomorrow on Amazon! Check it out for a little sailing adventure, a lot of courtroom drama, and some old romantic secrets.)

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