Magical Mackinac

I’m here. I have arrived on Mackinac Island. I am officially an artist (writer) in residence for the Mackinac State Historic Parks. And yes, I’m really excited.

It did take a minute to get work squared away, fill The Pryde’s fresh-water holding take, dump out the “other” tanks, take care of the trash, sweep her out, get repacked to take a suitcase and snorkeling gear and a bike to the island, and get across the bridge to catch the ferry in St. Ignace. And I was all keyed up parking The Pryde and saying goodbye to her to venture into the “unknown” (since my assigned greeter from the island had gone MIA and I didn’t actually know exactly where I’d be staying).

But it all worked out.

And after I unpacked, I flopped beside the boats in their slips to enjoy a fillookie (apparently, a fudge-filled, chocolate-dipped, chocolate-chip cookie ... swoon).

Then I had to circumnavigate the island on my bike, after which I settled in on the “malecon” with my laptop, and stories just started coming and things felt very right for a while.

I’m happy.

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