Hurricane Laura

As I sit here safe on an island far north, I can’t help but worry about everyone at home. The Bosun battened down the boat hatches and snugged himself and the animals down on land, with a plan to take the new RV we got from his folks north if things looked bad. But the storm headed east, toward Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Louisiana. Our hearts go out to all touched by it.

Many people have texted and messaged me, checking in and asking if we are safe. It’s hard to be far away with The Bosun having to do all the boat’s storm preparations alone (and there are a few! a storm like this means many boat chores to keep the vessel safe, even in a really good “hurricane hole” like that of our marina). We’ve said it more than once: adversity together is an adventure; adversity alone is pretty much just that.... We are really lucky to have each other and numerous options. For those without that support, things can get so bleak.

Hurricane Harvey was my first real Gulf Coast storm. I’d never seen anything like it. Nor had I seen the kind of tough resilience I witnessed in the people—“it is what it is, so we deal with it.” An impressive level of ingenuity, self-reliance, and rugged determination. Perhaps I should say unflappability. So as the Gulf takes a familiar beating, one thing provides a light: it will pull through.

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