Hooked Up ... or Not ... in Madison, Wisconsin

I get to hook up! After three straight nights of dry camping, I’m ready to plug in and dump out. Dry camping is cool. It’s freedom and quiet and unconventional places to stay, but it’s also conserving water (a ten-gallon holding tank means lean water use) and power. It’s looking forward to a place to dump trash and waste. It means no air conditioner or heater. (Also, it means I can smell myself. I need a shower.)

But for the next two nights, I’m hooked up and replenishing water and power and doing “chores”!

Except I’m not.

After arriving in Wisconsin and finding my reserved camping space in the campground, I discovered I had no water hookup, I couldn’t find the park’s sewer/dump station (and signs suggest everything is closed for COVID), and everything closed really means that ... all facilities (showers!) are closed. Yes, I’m a sad traveler tonight.

But Read Local’s Red Velvette highly recommended a book about a woman who rides horses on lengthy cross-country adventures, so having wrapped up the Bernard Moitessier sailing biography, I guess I’ll just settle in and see the country from horseback tonight.

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