First Week on Mackinac

This week has rushed past: stories everywhere ... and it’s been hard to catch them all and commit them to paper for the story collection I’m creating for this artist-residency program. The fort, the horses, the bikes ... children and families, fudge and ghosts ... stories every time I walk into the sunshine from my assigned artist’s apartment!

I’m dubbing myself the Robin Knox-Johnston of Mackinac because I love circumnavigating the island non-stop in the evenings. The week has also included a kiddie-oriented pirate cruise under the bridge (I had a story idea! I suffered for my art!), a free concert in the park (so fabulously, fully *summer*), a horseback ride, multiple visits to the fort, the obligatory fudge purchase and a visit to the butterfly house, and just exploring, cooking, and wandering downtown. (Also some work-work. Always work.) With all the lower-body exertions (biking, walking, hiking, horseback riding), morning yoga has totally focused on hip opening!

Two fantastic little bookstores feature local writers’ works and books of local interest. The fort’s store also has some tempting offerings. But I’ve made no purchases yet. I did finish Bernice Ende’s Lady Long Rider. (More on this book will be on Read Local soon!) An interesting look at the adventures of riding solo across America and Canada multiple times! Now, I’m into Ann Linnea’s Deep Water Passage about that author’s circumnavigation of Lake Superior in a kayak. Good adventure story, but the tone isn’t quite capturing me. Oh, well.

In other news, I’ll be speaking this week, offering a presentation on the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment and women’s right to vote. I’ll read some of my own work (I did a piece on the topic for a Texas publication recently), primary sources from the women (and men) of the last couple centuries, and from a forthcoming Stoneman House Press work that touches on the topic. Pretty pumped about it all.

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