Fifteen Feet of Teardrop Trailer as a Workspace + Hemingway + a Lumberjack Show

Time to pay the piper. I spent the day grinding at the work stone. Not so bad at a picnic table under an overcast sky. But not quite as good when the heat—and then drizzle—drove me into The Pryde. It’s cramped in there, the air conditioning is loud, and it just feels kinda claustrophobic after several hours.

I did take a pasty break (I’m addicted to these Northern Michigan treats) and I allowed myself an evening timeout to enjoy the local lumberjack show....

Think tree-stump chopping, tree-trunk climbing, and log rolling!

(If you’re thinking books, think Nick Adams and everyone else in Hemingway’s up-north stories—think forests and trout streams and camping alone in quiet places. Though this show wasn’t about working through PTSD with a fishing rod. It was Hemingway-rugged but definitely not Hemingway-sad!)

Two lumberjacks went head to head with axes, joked with the audience, and engaged in carving antics with a chainsaw. As members of their lumber “camps,” we in the audience cheered them on, pushing our “camp’s” lumberjack toward victory. We hollered and applauded for the little kids who got to participate in a “timber” yelling contest. And we gasped as our lumberjacks raced forty-five feet up tree trunks (in spiked footwear) only to drop back to the ground.

Yeah, even with these lumberjacks extraordinaire making it “look easy,” it looked hard. It certainly made me appreciate my cramped little trailer work space. I don’t think I’m quite up to sawing “wooden nickels” off the end of logs all day!

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