Fate Did No Hunting During a Stellar Fly-Over of Mackinac!

As a teenager, I read Ernest K. Gann’s Fate Is the Hunter: A Pilot’s Memoir. Gann’s account of “flying the Hump” (flying over the Himalayas in WWII to supply Chinese troops facing the Japanese) and the dangers of those missions stuck with me in an extraordinary way.

Well, fate did no hunting today. Instead giving us an exquisite day, with sky and water looking like turquoise just waiting to be mounted into a silver setting and worn by a queen, fate instead provided moments and scenes that will linger in memory for some while.

After a fantastic golf lesson at Wawashkamo Golf Club to really get a feel for this historic course, I hopped into one of Great Lakes Air’s Piper Cherokee Sixes for an air tour over Mackinac, St. Ignace, and the bridge. The ride gave me everything I could have wanted: views to define the phrase “gorgeous view,” the thrill of flight in a small plane, the wonder of seeing on a new scale a place I’ve gotten to know so well over these last weeks.... I only wish I could have shared it all with someone (the plane was LOUD; no sharing anything with my pilot!). The Bosun and Leo on here at Read Local both fly. I have kinda felt I might understand the draw. Looking at the world from 2,500’ up confirmed I can appreciate the wonder of adventures in small planes.

The day closed with a free showing of Somewhere In Time at the Mission Point Resort theater. Pretty Mackinac indeed!

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