Discovering Constance: Mackinac, Americans on the Road, and a Good Time In/Beneath the Lake

In my last post, I mentioned Anne’s Tablet and Mackinac’s affection for Constance Fenimore Woolson. At The Island Bookstore, I treated myself to a collection of her short stories and am into “St. Clair Flats.” A line caught my eye my: “It was the universal listlessness of the travelling American bereft of his business.” I’ve seen a bit of that on this island, especially in the realm of phone use.

The last few days have brought twilight walks in the woods, driving my own horse and buggy (a highlight!), a humorous carriage tour, and a snorkeling adventure.

To snorkel, I have waited for warm-ish weather and flat seas. Yesterday brought them, though the sun didn’t want to come out. I jumped in off Arch Rock, having read that the lake in this area hosts numerous interesting rock formations. Lake Huron was so, so clear. Tiny fish and rock jumbles and piles gave me something to look at, but it was surfacing that made my day: turning back and seeing Arch Rock and its hundreds of viewers from that angle.... The parasailors out over the lake.... All the bikes on M-185. A postcard view. And with a nice neoprene hood on, it wasn’t even that cold!

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