Books + Boats + Boondoggles ... and a Few Burdens

An awesome dockmate started a Facebook group dubbed #BoatLife to expose the less romantic, not-sexy, sunset-less and drink-less side of living on a boat. I love it. Because yes: life aboard does not involve an endless cycle of postcard twilights and sundowners. I’ll go one further here, though, and say that RVs and writing likewise involve far less frolicking than popular perceptions may suggest.

For example, this week involved:

🏴‍☠️Crawling under the RV to begin repairs post-piracy (theft of catalytic converter). The project means tools, measurements, parts + time + grubbing. (I work-worked while the Bosun worked on the RV.)

💻A stretch of 6.7 hours straight in front of my laptop to finish a legal-writing project. Yep, 6.7 hours without moving from the keyboard. Follow this span of time with a shift toward Read Local updates, book promos, and creative writing, and ... well ... that’s a lot of time in front of a screen and not out in the sunshine (yes, we’ve enjoyed some fine December days down here on the Gulf Coast).

💧An evening’s rain that brought a small drip—a drip from the sailboat’s deck, down along the mast (the mast’s bottom sits on the “floor” of the cabin we sleep in)—into our bed (or more precisely, onto the Bosun’s side of the bed). This gentle sprinkling led to a churlish Bosun waking up early and skulking into the main cabin. When I left my [warm, dry] side of the bed, I found him churlishly nibbling cold turkey. His answer to the problem? A plastic bag tucked against the mast to funnel the drips away from the covers. I remain skeptical.

🚿The ultimate gamble! Knowing the water tanks had almost run dry, I hopped into the shower—real “washing roulette.” Would the water last⁉️ Maybe I like living dangerously. 🤣 (The Fates spared me. The water did not run dry.)

Books, boats, and boondoggles rock. But they do come with certain price tags. 🏷In the form of elbow grease and inconvenience. At least sometimes....

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