Book Maintenance, Boat Maintenance, Bus Maintenance

In anticipation of a girls roadtrip coming up, for which a friend and I are hitting the road in search of history, the Bosun and I have been pampering Traveler: putting on new windshield wipers, topping up fluids, checking tire pressure, making a few fixes, putting new batteries in the pesky air-quality monitors (I don’t need a repeat of that banshee-ridden night in the Pryde in Northern Michigan!), and doing lots of laundry (need clean sheets and towels).

The Bosun also went through the sailboat’s engine systems, and we’ve got reverse gear again! Yay! Now, we aren’t sure how we got reverse back, but we won’t question the “iron-genny” gods. It suffices that we have it. (The Bosun found no issues. We suspect a debris-fouled propeller caused the problems, and either the diver who cleaned the boat’s bottom got things squared away, or the debris freed itself.)

More exiting than crawling into tight spaces to check wires, and pulling wagons laden with dirty sheets to bathhouses thousands of steps away (I favor the far laundry facilities when I take over multiple machines—fewer people use those far-away facilities, so I cause less inconvenience for others), is this month’s “book maintenance.” With The Venturi Effect coming out in less than two weeks, I’m excited to see the book’s November-December blog tour kick off. So far, the Book Diva has featured a guest post in which I discuss bookish and actual adventuring, and Wall-to-Wall Books gave the novel four stars, calling it “action packed,” “full of suspense,” and one that “had me riveted and glued to the edge of my seat.”

That kind of feedback kicked my week off with a big grin! It’s hard to send a book out into the world. And given what I’ve read of Hemingway’s letters, I don’t think insecurities go away over time ... or even with a Nobel Prize! But a good review eases the tension. So does a good dinghy ride, and today’s dinghy “commute” made up for last week’s soggy adventure.

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