Back on the Road—and Circumnavigating with Sir Alec Rose

As I hit the road to head south, I’m reading Sir Alec Rose’s My Lively Lady about his 1960s singlehanded sailing circumnavigation. While the writing doesn’t have me turning pages quickly, the adventure certainly qualifies as one to write home about! Sailing the Southern Ocean (way down beneath Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope) is in a league all its own. Wow.

So I can curl up in the Pryde and read about very cold, rugged sailing. We are parked at another Harvest Hosts destination: Wellington Farm in Grayling, Michigan. This living-history farm drops visitors into the Depression, with artifacts, guided tours, and craft discussions. Sheep, mini-horses, chickens, and pigs provide a “social gathering,” and the gift shop offers jams, jellies, and apple butter that I could not resist.

Being here eases the “disconnection” with Mackinac and leaving the fantastic experience I had there. Overall, the Mackinac State Historic Parks artist residency could not have provided a better time. Departing was a little tough this morning (though not terribly tough because I miss my Bosun!!!). My short-story collection for my residency project is off to a great start already, thanks to the fact stories lie all across that island. The accommodations were superb, and everywhere I went, I encountered fantastic hospitality. Golf, parasailing, an air tour, horses-horses-horses, snorkeling, history, hiking, biking, beautiful vistas, legends and lore.... Mackinac’s history, nature, little adventures, things less “modern,” and chances to try new and different endeavors just plain gave me a memorable three weeks.

But the road has its own irresistible pull, too. Tonight’s quiet hike, reading this sailing book, and a cozy call home after a bowl of soup warmed over the Pryde’s cooktop all put my heart in a really good place this evening.

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