Back on the Gulf Coast—and an Odd Novel with Some Boating

So settling back in. Tomorrow marks one week since I returned to the Gulf Coast. Summer still reigns down here, in contrast to up north, where fall was definitely coming on. As the Bosun fills the boat’s water tanks, I’m walking the dog and watching (and feeling) a huge thunderstorm develop.

Work has slammed into me, book-launch details for The Venturi Effect demand attention (I’ll be posting about this legal thriller soon!), and the Pryde is at the sale lot. Farewell, little trailer. She provided excellent service. Anyone looking for a light, sporty, easy camping vehicle might want to check out T@b trailers.

Meanwhile, our mighty Traveler (the Class A) sits ready for her next adventure in two weeks: a trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park, about an hour southwest of Fort Worth. We will enjoy some standup paddling in the park and wander the cute town square of nearby Glen Rose—and of course, keep an eye out for the remarkably well-preserved dinosaur tracks in the riverbed.

For the last week, I’ve been reading Sheldon Vanauken’s 1980 novel Gateway to Heaven, which has its ups and downs (and is terribly melodramatic) but includes a bit of sailing and a trip to Hawaii. Perhaps more on it later.... I am a sucker for those boat books. It provides some food for thought on reading older books, remembering that the social issues we face are hardly unique, and the cultural issues of writing about “cutting-edge” social topics.

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