• Sage Webb

A Word Puzzle

In out last episode, Saturday boat chores demanded attention, while migraines interfered with peace afloat and Boat Dog went hunting for shade. . . .

Now, as we return to our story, we discover two phenomena:

  1. Teenagers got nothing on boat people when it comes to drinking, playing music loudly (and late), and eating pulled pork after midnight; and

  2. Old vermin walk at night.

These two bullet points really start and end the weekend’s true story. And saying more would likely violate Party Thrower-Party Goer Privilege. So I’ll say goodnight.

But I will leave you with one of those old-school kids’ word-matching games. Simply match the words in the left column with the words in the right column with which they have some sort of natural relationship:

Pirate garb Tequila shots

Guitar music After midnight

Boat christening Belly dancing

Country lyrics Champagne

Hot tub Gypsy Kings music

(no, never mind;

the marina hot tub

is a little scary)

Greek philosophy India Pale Ale

Doggie friends Bachata music

Fish tales Margaritaville

New friends Raccoons

(Don’t ask Boat Dog for help. Boat dogs tell no secrets.)

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