• Sage Webb

A Weekend at the Campground

This past weekend provided the lovely sort of slow peace that makes RVs so positively charming. Who doesn’t want to wake up late, walk the dog in bright springtime sunshine, shoot a little archery, and make a picnic of Sunday lunch?

The “less” of RV life means less stuff to keep up with ... worry about. There’s no lawn to mow but plenty of grass and flowers and birdhouses to enjoy. There isn’t much space to scrub and vacuum but plenty of room for kicking back with a book or napping ... and just enough counter space to make meatless meatballs and tortellini (and the Bosun got out his special outdoor griller gadget to do real meatballs al fresco to avoid making Traveler’s interior too carnivorously pungent).

One might have to carry a trash bag across the campground to the dumpster, but there’s no hauling plastic trash carts down to the curb on trash day. And “staying in” on Friday night hardly feels dull when the whole neighborhood is circling the campground pond in festively lit golf carts, with adult beverages, little dogs, and lots of laughter. (And everybody but me has a veritable light show going outside their units, with rope lighting, dancing-light flagpoles, and tiki torches.)

“Keeping up with the Joneses” is minimal, though one can’t resist checking out the new neighbors as they move in and set up camp. (In our case, the new neighbors put out their awning, which did spark envy in me. We have yet to unfurl Traveler’s awning, and now I think I have a new task for the Bosun.)

(New neighbors pulled in, so I pulled up the blinds for a peek.)

I do catch the Bosun surfing his “RV porn,” mostly ogling Allegro buses by Tiffin and now the “super Cs,” the righteously mighty class C units, with their commercial-truck chassis and their sprawling sleeping/storage spaces over the driver and passenger seats up front. I remind him that Traveler reigns unsurpassable, but boys will be boys, I suppose, and his eyes wander.

An outing to the archery range might provide the sole reason for taking a shower. (Except, as I mentioned in my last post, the showers onboard are wonderfully hot and rejuvenating, so really, they are kind of a high point on their own.) Some leisurely shooting at the range just down the road from the campground affirms how cool it is to be able to move your home to chase your hobbies. A trip to Vegas this week for a huge archery tournament means things are gonna speed up a lot, but this past weekend offered the absolute slowness that marks RV life in Texas in the spring as completely marvelous.

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