A Streetcar Not Named Desire & a Coffeemaker Named Resilience

After a day of exploring some of the New Orleans that lies beyond the French Quarter (the Garden District, a cemetery, college-campus areas, downtown), we rode a streetcar up and down St. Charles Avenue, enjoyed one last Big Easy meal, and grabbed a Lyft out of town to pull up tent stakes at Bayou Segnette State Park. (Bayou Segnette, by the way, sits less than twenty minutes from the French Quarter, offers great camping facilities, and costs $25/night for an RV—good stuff indeed.)

Our plan was to stop at a KOA in Lake Charles, Louisiana, for the night; driving three hours on this night would cut in half the amount of driving necessary the following day to reach Houston. A cagey stop sign hiding in the darkness meant a very abrupt stop ... and a flying coffeemaker (every home and conveyance the Bosun inhabits holds a nice coffeemaker). When my friend and I pulled into the KOA and checked the poor apparatus, though, it appeared unscathed. Resilient indeed.

What wasn’t working at the campground was the 50-amp power. Sigh. After leveling the RV perfectly, popping out the slider, and leashing up the dog for a walk, I just couldn’t get the 50-amp power to flow. Despite flipping the breaker many times. Despite the help of a neighborly young man with a flashlight and thick Southern diction. Despite the fact everything had worked at Bayou Segnette. Another sigh.... I finally gave up and plugged in the 30-amp adapter. It seems 30 amps was no problem. So 30 amps it would be. I tossed the special 50-amp “power-monitoring box” back into the RV’s “basement storage” and called it good. (This box monitors for things like reversed polarity. It was expensive, and it protects the RV’s systems from electrical issues, but when you’ve trekked across NOLA, broken camp, driven three hours, and made camp—only to encounter an electrical issue—hitting the hay may sound better than messing with the power box.)

Don’t tell the Bosun I didn’t use the magic power monitor. Tell him it all worked great. 😉And definitely don’t mention the coffeemaker’s new long-jump record.

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