The writers featured in this avant-garde anthology include literary-award winners, editors, bloggers, and journalists. They have made their marks on the Houston community as volunteers with children's organizations, biologists, lawyers, IT experts, veterans, and more.

Past publications for this team range from novels about the Vietnam War to pieces on nutrition for Islamic universities. Whether they are attending to bee keeping, teaching high school, or conducting orchestras, these writers are living lives that give them ample material for spinning yarns. 



Out of Many, One takes readers from a Houston bar with a Wakashan First Nation member to a Houston Pride Parade with a nervous mother. The work introduces intergalactic freighter captains with countercultural beliefs about the abilities of other species, synesthetic artistic prodigies, and a self-styled Hin-Jew struggling to define her heritage. 

This book gives readers a double benefit:

1) They will enjoy the kind of mind-bending story experience that is difficult to find in mass-market publications.

2) They will meet upcoming authors whom they can follow for years to come. 

"This anthology offers bite-sized story experiences that allow readers to step off their favorite paths and experience new genres, new ideas, and new voices without making novel-sized commitments. The works range from local pieces that invite immediate "interaction" with readers, who will recognize the places and personalities, to other-world vignettes that will introduce readers to new perspectives and even species. 

The prose ranges from colorful to gritty. The poetry offers new lights. 

You may not fall in love with every piece, but you'll likely find something you haven't seen before!"

---Read Local