Summer in Baden-Baden

By Leonid Tsypkin

An artistic piece that defies convention, blends narratives, and weaves beauty, heartbreak, and Dostoyevsky into a lasting tapestry of love, gambling addiction, and trauma. 


A Complicated Kindness

By Miriam Toews

A Mennonite teenager struggles to understand her crumbling family and buck off the saddle of her insular community. Artistic, philosophical, bold. 



Sacred Smokes

By Theodore C. Van Alst

A compelling look at a Native American youth facing life in a Chicago gang.



Waltz in Swing Time

By Jill Caugherty

Charming, heartwarming, nostalgic: Caugherty gives readers a good story here, while also providing an immediately relevant picture of America in crisis in this novel focused on Depression-era Utah. 



The Bird Boys

By Lisa Sandlin

An atmospheric thriller that takes readers back to 1970s Beaumont, Texas, with a private investigator on the heels of mysterious brothers. 



A Cat

By Leonard Michaels

This is a short, entertaining book that will surely be treasured by the reader, and like a cat strutting away mid-pet, it will leave that reader wanting more! 


The Venturi Effect

By Sage Webb

From a boardroom in Chicago to a sailboat in the Caribbean to a courtroom in Michigan, Webb provides a slow-burn crime thriller grounded in authentic details, family drama, and waterfront adventure.



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