And even though he loves Kansas, where he find himself now, a part of his heart remains in Hawai`i. He remembers the islands of his youth in his stories and enjoys taking his readers on visits to the green pali.

When he's not writing, he herds kids, makes amazing pizza, and explores the earth we all call home. Oh, and sometimes, he can be found behind a software engineer's desk; writing computer programs isn't so different from writing fiction, except it involves more semicolons.

Don hopes his writing spreads aloha.


Into the Wind tells a story most of us know: a tale of young love, obstacles to happy endings, and aloha after all. But Carey makes it all new ... and makes it smell of plumeria. Whether it's dancing West Coast Swing in Waikiki or flying over Moloka`i, he gives his readers a chance to experience the trials, anxieties, loss, and love of youth in new, beautiful, wide-eyed ways.

So join Kehau and Jordan as they fight family misunderstandings and opposition, financial insecurity, the pressure of college, miscommunication, and the confusion of old (and new!) flames to find ... we hope ...

true love.

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Donald Carey spent his childhood on Oahu. In Into the Wind he imbues the anxieties and challenges of young love with island aloha and takes his readers from La`ie to high over the `Alenuihaha Channel.

"If you're looking for a sweet read of young love, college-kid trials, flying high on hope alone, and aloha endings, you've found it in Into the Wind. This story brims with the sights, sounds, music, and dance of the islands. Instead of a roller coaster ride of young love, you'll take a turbulent trip in a small plane over the Pacific. When it's all over, you'll sigh and wish you could hop an airliner west out of LAX." 

---Read Local