Confined with Mr. Darcy

By L.L. Diamond



Three To-Be-Read Piles =

A Decent Read Indeed


Reviewer: Liz Merton


Okay, disclaimer: I generally can’t get into Jane Austen fan fiction. I’ve tried! From Georgette Heyer to Mary Robinette Kowal, I have tried to love Regency fan-fic. I really have! I want to enjoy this “genre.” I loved Sanditon by Jane Austen and Another Lady. But I struggle to find Regency fan fiction “magnetic.”


Diamond’s sweet novella grabbed my attention with a cute premise: Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy locked down together during modern-day COVID-19. (Elizabeth writes for a living, Darcy runs a publishing company, and past misunderstandings keep them apart . . . until Darcy offers Elizabeth a comfortable place to wait out lockdown.) And Diamond does deliver. The story is a sweet bit of escapism in a tough time. The prose falters a bit here and there. Another edit or two might have polished things up. But the book isn’t “bad.” Tilney, a Maine Coon, provides some kitty lovin’, and Diamond’s use of vernacular (kerb, hob) gives American readers linguistic variety. In the end, Confined with Mr. Darcy offers its audience a sweet, innocent romance, and it’s hard not to love a happy ending! So while it didn't rock my world, you may enjoy it. (Also, certain proceeds seem to have gone to Jane Austen’s House Museum to help out in these troubling times. I can get behind that!)