Carpe Glitter

By Cat Rambo



Three To-Be-Read Piles =

A Decent Read Indeed


Reviewer: Liz Merton


Again, I dabbled in a genre I don’t usually visit . . . and found in Carpe Glitter an entertaining romp through Vegas, magic, the supernatural, and family drama. Cat Rambo’s novella from Meerkat Press (2019) was simply better than I expected—a bit of frivolous fun, ghosty and glittery.


Persephone Aim finds herself sorting through her hoarder grandmother’s things after granny passes

. . . sorting through family history, mystery, and angst, too. As Persephone digs deeper into the boxes her stage-magician grandmother collected, she also digs into her own origins. A World War II angle, a missing genealogical link, and a ghost in a jar mix things up. Oh, and there’s a creepy doll collection, too!


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