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So how do books end up on Read Local (TM)?

Authors can apply to join us. In applying, they send us a paperback copy of the work they want to see featured. One of our readers reads the book and reviews it. If the book's a fit for us, up it goes on the site!

Not all books are a fit. It happens. Sometimes the work just isn't local enough. Perhaps the settings include lots of international destinations or intergalactic travel. Those settings may rock, but they just aren't what Read Local is about. Sometimes, books just don't quite make the editorial cut. It happens. We love small presses, but quality standards vary, and we want Read Local books to be ones readers know pack a polished punch.

We also reach out to authors in the community. If we read something and it strikes us, we'll try to find the author and see if they want to join us. We love discovering amazing new small-press avant-garde fiction, so we are constantly seeking it.

Reading Local matters. While the "blockbuster bestsellers" may be all over, finding small-press gems with dynamic, unexpected, different plots means finding the books that may give us new, never-anticipated, didn't-see-that-coming experiences, experiences that may be too experimental, "out there," or esoteric for larger presses. It also means supporting the small businesses and local artists that shape Main Street U.S.A.

Happy reading!

  • Read Local!

So where does Read Local fit in the cyber web of book-related stuff? If you want to find books, of course, you can go to Amazon, GoodReads, reviewer blogs, Facebook groups, and all those other sites, platforms, and social-media outlets that will give you book news and recommendations. So do we need another?


Read Local is small. It's local. It's about a more personal connection between authors and readers . . . with a larger off-line presence. We advertise in print media and community sources, rather than focusing on the internet. Once we get readers to the site, we try to give them "inside looks" at books and authors they may not have had a chance to meet yet. We are book lovers in our towns and cities just like you.

We want to show others the close-to-home stories we love.

A couple years ago, L.A. Magazine ran a piece noting the importance of supporting local and indie publishers. You can find the article here: http://www.lamag.com/culturefiles/5-indie-l-presses-know/. We agree. Just as we like to shop local, enjoy local theater, drink local beer, and dance to local music, we believe reading local brings us in touch with books that tell extraordinary stories.

So join the Read Local club for email updates on new books going up on the site, for events that will let you discover your next favorite author, and exclusive giveaways. We read all the books we feature on the site. We dig deep into book-selling platforms to find authors to add. We strive to bring you fiction that offers that little extra.

(A note on listing Amazon as the source for purchasing these books: while we understand that featuring Amazon as the source for buying these books may seem less than local, it's very difficult for local authors to get their work in local bookstores. While we want to grow to showcase local shops featuring local authors, using Amazon now as a source for buying these books makes it easy for readers to find these works that might otherwise not reach them.)

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