Barbara Quinn loves the Big Bs: Bruce [Springsteen], baked goods from Del Ponte's, and the Bradley Beach Boardwalk.

Her past includes practicing law, working as an editor and reporter, founding a literary e-zine, and listening to a lot of rock 'n roll.

She loves poking around Bradley Beach, Asbury Park, and Anna Maria Island (when she heads south). 

She appreciates good cake art and the love of rescued animals.


The Summer Springsteen's Songs Saved Me tells Sofia's story of catching her husband cheating, getting sucked into nursing him through a heart attack, starting a new chapter of her life on Bradley Beach, adopting a bewitching and pungent (if not majestic) canine queen, and finding love in the younger single dad next door. It's about fresh starts and timeless music, with the Boss's discography providing the soundtrack for Sofia's reconstruction of herself, her goals, and

her heart. 

Don't follow Barbara Quinn on Twitter (@BarbaraQuinn) unless you're OK with baked-goods-and-beach envy. She loves the Bradley Beach Boardwalk and shares it in ways that make her readers and followers want to drive to Jersey tomorrow.

"The Summer Springsteen's Songs Saved Me truly is a beach read: shore culture, emotional transformation, and an ending that reaffirms that it's never too late to start over, find happiness, and cultivate the friendships and love that mark life as the magical journey it is. It's salt water and Springsteen, fitness and fancy unmentionables, coming to terms with heartbreaks in the rearview mirror and taking the chance on new adventures."

---Read Local 


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