Another Benefit of Reading Local:

Author Interviews, Connections, and Insights

By Liz Merton

While not a feature limited to authors publishing with independent presses, of course, one thing we love about authors who publish with independent and smaller presses is their accessibility, and the insight into their work their audiences may be able to get through reading author interviews, following these authors on social media, listening to podcasts, and the like. Again, we aren’t saying that this kind of access is unique to authors publishing with independent presses, but given factors like the increased need for author participation in the marketing of independent-press books, access to these authors may be greater.


Simply, authors publishing with independent presses often interact, often reach out and chat, get involved with their readers, put themselves “into the mix.”


In reading Everything Begins & Ends at the Kentucky Club by Benjamin Alire Sáenz, I enjoyed “hearing” from Saenz here in a piece from TexasMonthly. Sage follows the book’s publisher Cinco Puntos Press on Twitter, getting updates on their projects in “real time.” Writers like Barlow Adams offer entertainment, insight, and interaction on social media.


Our own Sage loves going a little deeper into her stories by sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses in interviews, as she does with CMash Reads here and with International Thriller Writers' The Big Thrill Magazine here.


Red enjoys keeping track of authors like Bernice Ende (who shares her inspiring long rides on horseback in authentic, intimate ways online) and Elena Taylor (aka Hartwell) (with her lively engagement on social media and reviews of thrillers).


Simply, independent-press authors often open themselves up and get cozy with readers in unique ways. Readers can participate, if you will, in their favorite stories by following these authors on social media, through blogs, and on interactive book sites: getting sneak peeks, and diving a little deeper into the plots, characters, and settings these readers love. And as Sage emphasizes, the benefits of this interaction run both ways. Sage loves hearing from readers. She loves interacting and sharing. (FYI, you can find her on Twitter.) So if you’re looking to connect with the creator of a character you adore, try finding them in the online ether!