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Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year: time to pick out some great independent-press books to give to friends, family, neighbors, teachers, coaches, enemies, and . . . even ourselves!

Reviews for the Month of

Never-Ending Holiday Music

We've decided to start posting news, musings, reviews . . . whatever . . . every few days (instead of putting everything up on Tuesdays). We'll keep a list of the month's posts here.


Read Local is getting a bit of "work done" in anticipation of 2021!

So bear with us as we take a little time and do some work on the site to bring you more bookish news in the New Year!

Get The Venturi Effect from Sage for FREE as an ebook on Dec. 29 and 30!

Sage and Liz start sharing their

Wild West reads list!

Sage has fun sharing insights about The Venturi Effect and her writing with CMash Reads and International Thriller Writers'

The Big Thrill Magazine!

And while we're talking interviews, authors publishing with independent presses may be a little more "accessible" if readers want to connect


Liz and Sage share a list of environmentally minded reads for anyone looking to take a walk in the wilderness . . . or even work to protect that wilderness


Sage is excited about her marina's new book club, and we've got book-club guides for anyone looking to jumpstart their club


Sage offers a guest post on books and adventure at 411 on Books, Authors, and Publishing News

And The Venturi Effect gets a few more great reviews:

Nesie's Place gives it 5 stars!

One More Book to Read compares it to a John Grisham


Who we are and why we Read Local


Sage has a little fun talking about some historical indie publishing



Sage discusses an exploration of the world of Surrealist artist Dora Maar


Sage breaks into Avanti Centrae's

The Lost Power



The Venturi Effect FREE.JPG

More Holiday

Gift Ideas!

On December 19, we updated our Read Local Gift Guide 

of 2020 

and added MORE of our top reads from 2020,

and we've got

non-book gift ideas for the book-lover in your life



Check out the

2020 Lone Star Lit Holiday Gift Guide!


Christmas Spirits

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