Sailing Adventure +

Courtroom Drama +

Old Secrets =

The Venturi Effect

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Tidbits on Our Sage's 

The Venturi Effect

Sage has fun sharing insights about The Venturi Effect and her writing with CMash Reads and International Thriller Writers'

The Big Thrill Magazine!


Sage offers a guest post on books and adventure at 411 on Books, Authors, and Publishing News

And The Venturi Effect gets a few more great reviews:

Nesie's Place gives it 5 stars!

One More Book to Read compares it to a John Grisham


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Read Local

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We love

independent-press books, and for 2021, we want to give an author publishing with an independent press


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Book contests are pretty subjective, and this one is no different. Basically, we will know the winning book when we read it!

No entry fee.

Anyone can nominate

a book.

It just takes an email to us with the name of the book and the author.

We will look up the book on the major book-buying platforms, and if the book interests us, we will buy it, read it, and consider it for our book of the year.  

Some guidelines:


1) We will consider any genre (fiction or non) except erotica and the like.

2) The book has to come from an independent press (no Big 5, no Kensington, no Scholastic, and similar). We know that our criteria here are subjective.

One can argue that Kensington is an independent. But we are looking for smaller, off-the-beaten-path presses. We will consider books from academic presses.

3) We want to find a publisher and author we can connect with, so we can award the prize with ease. Thus we are looking for an author with a platform for interaction out in the world.

4) The book needs a publication date that falls between 2016 and 2021. We will consider advanced copies if an author or publisher wants to send us one. Email for details.


5) We want a great read. Something different. Something that sparkles.


6) Everything we read this year is game within these boundaries. Even books we simply stumble upon (without a formal nomination).

Fine print:

We decide the winner. That's all.

Yes, it's subjective.

There is no appeal process.

No explanations.

We just pick a winner that fits what we want for a book of the year.

No one affiliated with Read Local, L.L.C., can win (of course!).